Someone please help with my chin problem , surgery or non surgical ?

I need the skin around my neck/chin tightening , i seen a surgeon he said a chin implant would help but not fix the problem , and vaser wouldn't help because there's a tiny amount of fat and it wouldn't tighten my skin. As I'm 30 they won't let me have a chin lift ,Would Ultherapy work ? , please help I need something that will work and get rid of this horrible chin , what's the best to tighten my skin

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fatty deposits in the neck and a weak chin profile

The photographs show fatty deposits in the neck above and below the platysma muscle. These fatty deposits are known as sub-mental and sub-platysmal fat. These fatty deposits are best  removed with a neck lift,  not simple liposuction. At 30 years of age, the skin tone is acceptable. The weak chin profile is at best dressed with a chin implant which is inserted through the same submental incision as a neck lift. Chin implants are manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, which is best addressed at the time of the consultation.
For many examples of this combination of neck lift and chin implant, please see the link below to our photo Gallery

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