Shedding Hair?

African American female in her 40's with shedding hair. Recently had bloodwork done and everyting normal. What product is good for shedding hair and something that will promote strong and healthy hair?

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Shedding Hair

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There is no easy solution for this.  A full medical exam needs to be
conducted with attention paid to the scalp to rule out any skin
disorder, and perhaps a biopsy.  I am a big fan of laser light therapy,
but also Rogaine may sometimes be of use.

Miami Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Hair Loss in African American Women

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First of all, make sure you’re eating a balanced diet and taking a multivitamin everyday. There are a number of nutrients found in certain foods that promote hair health. Also, try to reduce any stress you have in your life, as high stress levels have a strong link to hair loss in women. If you have female pattern baldness, you will likely require treatment with minoxidil to start. I have recently developed a minoxidil formula to cater to the specific needs of African American hair. It is an oil-based infusion that also supports healthy hair growth. Feel free to contact my clinic for more information.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Shedding hair

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It is going to be difficult for you to find a satisfactory solution without an in-person consultation with a hair transplant surgeon.  By coming in, you can learn about all of your medical and surgical options for hair restoration.  You can easily get overwhelmed by the shear number of products out there that promise a healthy head of hair.  It is a good start to know that preliminary blood work is normal, but that is just a start.  Best of luck to you.

Allan J. Parungao, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Black women with hair loss

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There are many reasons for hair loss and individuals with hair loss may wish to see a physician specializing in hair loss to figure out the exact reason.

In general, ANY black woman with new onset hair loss in the center of the scalp should consider seeing a dermatologist to rule out a type of hair loss known as central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia or "CCCA." 30 % of black women likely have CCCA and it's unfortunately very, very much underdiagnosed in the medical community

Other causes of hair loss are possible. For example, thyroid and iron deficiency are common causes of hair shedding and these would be picked up on routine blood work.  Only with a detailed examination can the exact cause be determined.

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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