Do need a fill or could it be a slippage? I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread.

I have no signs of a slippage except that I can eat more than usual. I can even eat bread. I'm just worried about maybe having a slippage since I can eat more.

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Eating Bread isn't bad

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As time goes on the upper stomach becomes better at pushing through things like bread that you could not tolerate the first year. It does not mean you need a fill, it just means your stomach is getting more active. In terms of what you can eat: the band does not stop you from eating- it makes it so that you are less hungry two hours after you eat. To get back on track you need to first check with your surgeon and get an adjustment. Then go back to measuring your portions for a few weeks and walk away after you are done with that portion. The band does not change the size of your stomach, but it does change how your brain interprets what you eat. 
You could also try to eat a measured amount of food and walk away - see when you get hungry after two hours- and if you are not, then you just started to overeat. 

Scottsdale Bariatric Surgeon
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Fill or slippage

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If you can eat more than usual without any problems, you need a fill more. If that be a slippage, you would experience pain or vomitting.

Sehoon Kang, MD
South Korea Bariatric Surgeon

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