Sleeping on my stomach after Breast Implants? Benefits?

Ok I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow. At my 3 week follow up my PS gave me instructions to lay on my stomach for 5 mins and work my way up to and hour or more... I'm not questioning my surgeon by any means and I have followed his instructions to the T... I just want to know what the possible benefits of actually laying in my implants are.

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Sleeping on my stomach after Breast Implants? Benefits?

Almost every surgeon has  slightly different postoperative care instructions for breast augmentation patients. A lot of the differences have to do with the type of implant and how the surgeon makes the implant pocket. Many surgeons who make their pockets tight and use textured implants will have their patients lay on their chests to help stretch the pockets. Doctors who make their pockets larger don't want them to stretch anymore as they are healing, so they will advise against doing this. You are wise to follow your surgeon's advice as he/she knows exactly what will give you the best result.

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Some surgeons recommend this to help avoid a capsular contracture by pushing the implant against the sides of the implant cavity.  This can also be accomplished by regular massage of the implants.  There is the possiblity of damage to the implant if done to aggressively however.  Best wishes, Dr. T.

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Sleeping on my stomach after Breast Implants?

While every surgeon will have a different recommendation, I personally request my patients continue to sleep on their back for 12 weeks after a breast augmentation surgery. Additionally, I ask that if they sleep on their side(s) after 12 weeks, to please wear a bra at night. This will support your breasts and maintain your implants centered on your nipples. Last, I request that they do not sleep on their stomach, which I have seen causes  breast implants to go towards the armpits, but again ask your surgeon to explain why he ask this of his patients for more information and determine what is best for you. Best of Luck.

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Sleeping on my stomach after Breast Implants? Benefits?

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your recent breast augmentation.  As each surgeon has their own recommend post-surgical regimen for patients, I would recommend reaching out to your surgeon as to the rationale for laying on your stomach.  I do not incorporate this particular maneuver in my practice for breast augmentation patients.

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Laying down

Many surgeons will encourage patients to lay on their stomachs to help with adjusting to the soreness. I usually tell patients to sleep in whatever position they prefer and if they are uncomfortable to slowly ease into other positions as your body allows

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