I Have a Sharp Stinging Pain Below my Incision Site but Right Above the Drain Hole. What's Causing This?

I am three weeks post op after tummy tuck, mastopexy and small reduction. I just started to get a sharp pain on my left side right below my incision but just above the drain whole (drains out after week 1). The nurse at the PS said it may be an inflammed nerve at the site where the drain channel was. It hurts to the touch and I can't bear to wear the binder because somehow it makes the pain worse. Should I be worried? Besides ibuprofen is there anything I can do to reduce the inflammation?

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Incisional pain after tummy tuck.

Thank you for your question.  Sorry to hear that you're having discomfort.

Pain, pulling, and tugging along the incision quite common after tummy tuck surgery.  The discomfort can get worse a few weeks after surgery as some of the nerves start to wake up and work again. Pain can also increase because at three weeks out patients start to get more active once again.

Sometimes the pain is caused by tugging of a stitch that will eventually dissolve, sometimes it can be caused by scar tissue. Generally these aches and pains and zings will come and go for a few months after surgery, but usually they resolve.

You may feel more comfortable if you speak to your plastic surgeon directly.  He or she should be the one to recommend medication to you.

Feel better soon.

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