Sharp Pain on Right Side Near Belly Button 3 Months Post Op of Full Tt. Could This Be a Hernia?

full tummy tuck Dec 19. Ihave started feeling a sharp pain near my belly button on the right hand side. The pain comes when my tummy is full like if I over eat or have lots of intestinal gas. I also get this pain after a bowl movement , when I sneeze / cough at that time the pain is sudden and sharp with sneezing. I dont see or feel any growth in the area of pain and when I rest a bit the pain goes away if I press my tummy at the area of pain I dont feel pain. Please let me know what it could be

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Hard to diagnose the cause of your pain without a physical exam

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I suggest that you see your board certified ASAPS member plastic surgeon for an exam and an explanation this week.   g

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