Sharp Pain Under Right Breast Post Breast Aug + Lift?

Hi, I was diagnosed with mild tuberous breasts,I am 8 days post-op BA under the muscle plus lift(areola incision). I'm having sharp shooting pain only on my right side(was my smaller breast) when i stand up in the morning and move a certain way. I'm taking my pain killers but for this, it does nothing. Im so frustrated,I was doing really well but now it seems to be worst or at least not getting better. I have bruising but it is going away,no signs of infection or hematoma. Is this pain normal?

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Pain and breast augmentation and lift

Pain at 8 days after surgery is fairly common especially with increased activity.  If you are concerned, you should talk to your surgeon.

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Pain after breast augmentation is not unusual, it should improve with time

It is too early after your surgery to be worried.  Pain killers and possible breast support should help.  You should be seeing your plastic surgeon and he will take a look at you at the next follow up visit.  
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