Sharp Pain W Movement Between Collar Bone and Implant, What's Causing It?

I had breast augmentatio revision almost six weeks ago moving from salines filled to 425 to 550 mod plus salines filled to 625. the swelling has gone down a lot. However, two weeks ago, I started to get sharp pains in the upper left quadrant close to my collar bone. It feels like a strained or torn tendon. Any advice? I don't live in the same state as my surgeon.

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Pain during recovery from breast augmentation surgery

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At 6 weeks out of surgery most of the swelling from the surgery should be gone. You should be able to return to your normal activity. As you become more active certain movements or activities may cause you to feel pain  or strain. That is your body signaling to you that you are over doing it. When that happens stop the activity and let your body reast. As you heal nerves regenerate and you may also feel burning sensation which is normal. If you have sharp continues pain with swelling you may have developed a hematoma or bleeding and you need to see a doctor ASAP. You should find a surgeon in your area for future follow up. Although early in the phase of healing a developing capsule maybe another cause of pain.


Goo luck

Breast augmentation and pain

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Without an exam it is hard to say why you have pain in your chest, The best thing to do is see your surgeon for an evaluation.

Pain after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Based on your description, it may very well be that the discomfort your experiencing is related to a strain/inflammation of the pectoralis muscle. I would suggest that you rest the area by decreasing activity/lifting of  the involved side.  In other words, avoid strenuous activity with the arm on that side. The use of anti-inflammatories may also be helpful.

I would also suggest that you keep in communication with your plastic surgeon and possibly send him/her pictures to view. If your symptoms continue despite the above recommendations, you may need to be seen by your plastic surgeon or ( if this is not possible)  by a plastic surgeon in your area.

I hope this helps.


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