Sharp Pain in Belly Button - Loss of Feeling & Swelling After TT in 11/2011?

Hello, I had my TT procedure (w lipo) in Nov 2011 and have had no complications. I got up from sitting on the couch the other night and felt an extremely sharp pain from the center of my (new) belly button down towards the inside of my stomach and my TT scar. I immediately lost sensation in my stomach and felt sat back to the same sensation I had in my stomach right after the surgery almost 2 years ago. It's been a week and I still get the sharp pains and sensation has not returned completely.

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Pain in abdomen after tummy tuck

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Without an exam , it is hard to say why you developed that pain. Could it be a hernia? or pain from sutures that tore?  Perhaps.  Best to see your doctor.

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