Sharp Pain and Possible Keloid Scaring in Left Boob, 6 Months After BA? (photo)

I got my first BA just over 6 months ago. In the left one I get sharp stabbing pains going right through it from time to time. It actually stops me in my tracks and I have to wait for it to pass before I can carry on what I'm doing. The surgeon moved my nipples and what looks like keloid scaring has developed around half of one nipple. It's unsightly and I want to know what I can do about it? Can I ask the surgeon to sort it out? I've tried everything I can at home and nothing works! Please help

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Sharp pain

Hello, Having sharp pain after surgery is very normal, the nerves are regenerating and it can take months. In our practice we have scar treatment called hybrisil, scar guard. If those products don't help you can do revision surgery to minimize the scarring. Make sure you speak to your surgeon to get your options.

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