Is Sharp Pain and Asymmetry Normal 8 Weeks After Breast Lift?

I am 8 weeks post-op from a breast lift with a slight reduction. I have suddenly begun to experience sharp pain in my left breast which is intermittent, but very painful. I was treated for a mastitis a few weeks ago in the same breast. I have healed scars which look fine, but the left breast is also still more swollen than the right. The nurse at the surgeon's office said this pain is normal, but I question this far out from surgery. Also, what to do about the asymmetry.

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Pain and Asymmetry after Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

Of course, it is not possible to give you good advice without direct examination.

However, based on your description of “sudden” recent onset of left breast pain after a history of infection,  it would behoove you to be examined directly by your plastic surgeon.  He/she ( and not the nurse at the office)  will be in the best position to give you good advice and treatment recommendations after direct examination. The breast asymmetry may or may not be related to your other symptoms.  Sometimes breast asymmetry does improve with ongoing time;  again, without direct examination or viewing photos,  commenting on the breast asymmetry is not helpful.

Best wishes.

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