Is there a way to make my belly button look better after 3 kids without committing to a tummy tuck? (photos)

My 3rd child is 1. I still have 10lbs to lose but I'm sure my navel won't go back in. I now have an "outtie" and the general surrounding area is puffy especially after I eat. Is there a way to repair without commiting to a full tummy tuck? Also, if there is a hernia can that be repaired by a plastic surgeon along with umbilicoplasty? I'm still breastfeeding can I get it done now or should I wait?

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Belly Button

It appears that you may actually have a small hernia present. The hernia can be fixed though a hidden belly button incision. Many plastic surgeons have a general surgery background and thus are able to address your hernia as well as an umbilicoplasty. Whether to wait or not depends on you. Its not a major operation...but if you do need a hernia repair, you will have some lifting limitations...and with a 1 year old running around...that can be hard. If you start to develop any pain at the site of the will have to consider doing something sooner. Hope this helps


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