Can an L shaped silicone implant be enhanced without removing it ?

After my implant, the bridge of my nose still had a sunken look and needs more height, my nose is short and points upwards, the tip needs to be lengthened. A surgeon proposed diced cartilage wrapped in fascia for the bridge, no mention of the tip procedure. The L implant will stay in place but I am worried about the integrity of the structure. Will the blood flow in the area be adequate ?

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Silicone implant and rhinoplasty

Dear Goji487, I would go back to your consulting surgeon and discuss all of your concerns and what your final aesthetic desire is. Personally I use a digital imaging computer during consultation showing the patient their proposed result and then discussing with them what needs to be done to attain that result This is helpful in making sure you and your surgeon are on the same page especially regarding your tip concerns etc. 

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Good questions!

Hopefully, there is scar tissue around the implant (silicone or other material) that will buffer the implant and allow the surgeon to do what they need to do.  Please speak to them well before surgery to clarify your concerns about the tip.  The time to make certain that you are on the same page is before surgery, not after.

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