Shape of High Profile Silicone Implants; Will They Make A Tear Drop Shape Eventually? (photo)

I got a breast augmentation 6 months ago and wondering if my silicone implants (high profile, 300 ccs) will take a tear drop shape eventually or are they going to stay this shape? (see pic attached). I was hoping to get a more tear drop shape but heard those implants had more risks and frankly can`t afford to re-do the BA.

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Breast Shape after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you  attaching pictures.

Unfortunately, I do not think that you can realistically expect your breast to change shape much at this point. You do not necessarily need “teardrop” shaped breast implants to achieve the look you are looking for. For example, it may be that with smaller and/or less projecting implants you may be able to achieve your goals.

Assuming you're working with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgery, I would suggest that you discuss your concerns/goals.

Best wishes.

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