Can 650 - 800cc produce natural results? Will it create a "lift?" Upper pole fullness NOT desired!

A board certified surgeon recommended 650 - 800 cc Moderate plus silicon under muscle implants. Saying I was on the border for needing a lift & that size may correct that. (He did mention it may not & I may need a revision for a lift but it's worth a shot.) He said my chest foot print is low on my chest so my boobs won't be "up to my chin." I really want a natural loo k with upper pole fullness only being created by a push-up bra.

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Breast implant sizing

Thank you for your photo and question.  Based on the photo and your comments, I think the implant range is high.  I would recommend that you visit with one or two additional plastic surgeons in your area.  The need for a lift may be diminished with implants, but still likely.  You may want to consider a shaped implant if you don't want too much upper breast fullness.

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Breast augmentation with large implants

It appears as thought you'll get nice results with breast implants that are on the larger side.  However, I would recommend trying on different size implants in your bra to see what is best for you.  This is how I have my patients determine their breast implant size.  If you go with a smaller/midsize style implant you may need a lift as well.

Thank you for your question!

Dr. Schreiber, Baltimore plastic surgeon

Jeffrey E. Schreiber, MD, FACS
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Natural Results with a Large Implant

Based on your photos, I feel that 650-800cc size implants will be too large for your frame and you will still have droopy nipples. Your nipples point in a downward direction making your droopiness class III ptosis. This will not be adequately corrected with an implant alone, not even a very large implant. To achieve a more natural look I would recommend a smaller implant and a mastopexy (lift). You are a good candidate for a minimal incision lift which avoids the long scar under the breast.

Franklin D. Richards, MD
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Too large

Based on your wish pics, I believe the implants being considered are too large for you.  In addition your nipples are already on the lower pole of your breasts, so placing implants of this size will only result in a very large upper pole with the nipples in the lower pole.  I believe your best bet is for a lift with a much smaller implant.  Since a lift will remove some skin, you cannot plan on undergoing it and placing such a large implant at the same time as there will be too much tension on your incision line.  

John Michael Thomassen, MD
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What size implant?

Thanks for your question. It is hard to know without examining you, but I suspect a M+ implant of that size would be extraordinarily wide for you, leading to less natural upper pole fullness and even the possibility of double bubble where the implant drops beneath the fold of the breast.

There is what I call a classic mistake where some surgeons will try to go superlarge to fill out a drooping breast. You then see a patient with massive breasts who likely will still need a lift.

I suggest you look at implants on your frame before surgery. Real implants in a testing bra will give you a sense of how the diameter and projection  balance with your frame.  I suspect you would benefit from a lift as well, but the type of lift may depend upon the implant you choose.

I have included a link on " how to size"-- hope it helps.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
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Can 650 - 800cc produce natural results? Will it create a "lift?" Upper pole fullness NOT desired!

 I would never recommend an implant of that size for augmentation, particularly given the fact that you have a moderate amount of your own volume. Implants that size will absolutely NOT LOOK NATURAL and have the potential for numerous problems that require further surgery to correct.  You most definitely need a mastopexy(lift) to obtain a nice result. Consider a second or third consultation.  

Janet Woodyard, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts augmentation with a lift

Dear emcunn,
  Thanks for submitting you picture and your goal pictures. From observing the pictures, you appear to be full B cup with level 2-3 ptosis. Your goal pictures appear to be D cup or full D cup.  You did not provide your chest circumference measurement which is critical for correct size selection. Let's assume that you are 36 full B cup. To become a 36 full D cup, you will need implants with volume of 350 cc. In my practice, I will not perform a breasts augmentation on you without some kind of a lift ( mini lift or full lift ) which will depend on examination, or in your case, a side view picture. Large implants will not give you a significant lift. To achieve a lift with implants alone, the crease will have to be lowered significantly, which will position your breasts too low on the chest and that is unattractive. Additionally, a double bubble can occur if the crease does not stretch. Also, since your nipples are already large, they might get even larger with a large implants, which , again, is unattractive.
       Always, consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeons who operate in accredited surgery center for your safety. Check the before and after in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive. Pay special attention to the cleavage area, the perkiness, the symmetry and the natural look.
               Best of luck,
                                 Dr Widder

Shlomo Widder, MD
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Too large

I think the implants will be too large for you. An implants do not lift the breasts to any significant degree. It is likely that you will need a lift.

Steven Wallach, MD
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I would re-think this if I were you. I think that 650-800 cc implants are extremely large and will not give you the appearance you are looking for. While I also think you need a lift for the best results, you could still just have an implant as long as you understand your nipples will still look a  little low on your breast. keep in mind that there are several different types of breast lifts. You might get away with just a superior crescent lift which would limit your scars but still raise your nipple just a bit.

Ronald Schuster, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Using implants to avoid a breast lift

Based on your photos, I believe you need a lift.  I do not believe in the philosophy of using a large implant to try to augment a patient out of ptosis (i.e. trying to avoid a lift in a patient with droopy breasts by using a very large implant).  Even if a large implant is initially successful in achieving a nice breast shape, over time the natural breast tissue tends to drop more significantly than the implant, which is referred to as "falling off the breast mound" and the nipples end up centered too low on the breast.  I also believe that implants in the 650-800 cc range will give you significant upper pole fullness, which you indicated you don't want.  Without examining you and taking measurements, I can't make recommendations regarding what size implant would be appropriate to give you your goal look, but I suspect I'd recommend smaller than the 650 cc size you're considering.  I recommend obtaining a second opinion with another board certified plastic surgeon for another point of view before deciding to proceed with surgery.

Lisa J. Peters, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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