Shadowing on Tip After Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 6 weeks post op and i noticed these shadows on the tip of my nose about 1 week post op. its gotten more noticeable as the swelling is going down. i also have thin skin, and the tip was reduced a lot. is this bossae/ will i possibly end up with it or can this go away on its own? will it get any worse? how soon after rhinoplasty does bossae appear? or can the shadowing be caused by something else?

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Nasal tip irregularities at 6 weeks post op

At 6 weeks you are still too early to make any final determination as to your final result especially on the tip.  GIven tiime these irregularities will most likely improve. 

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Primary Rhinoplasty and Early Result Tip Concerns

At 6 weeks, you are way too early to really see the final results. Voice your concerns to your surgeon, but be patient. Tip swelling can persists for quite a while. I final result can be seen closer to 9-12 months. I hope this helps. Take care

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