Where to Put Fillers to Help Shadowing and Nasolabial Folds?

I have shadowing and extra fat around mouth that are nasal labial folds will fillers to cheekbone correct them? I have shadowing and nasal labial folds where the skin is much higher than the area underneath my nose and around my lips. A plastic surgeon told me this was because I had no cheekbones. Where do you suggest placing the injection to correct the problem?

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Treatment of nasolabial folds

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In the majority of cases nasolabial folds are treated by direct injections of filler into the fold, especially in yoiunger individuals.A facelift can also diminish the nasolabial folds but very deep folds will still require some type of filler even with a facelift. There may be cases where that is not the first choice treatment but those cases are not common. Without a photo or face to face examination there is no way to know what would be best in your case.

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