I Had an SGAP Reconstruction in 2008. They Cannot Do the Fat Grafting Since I Am Allergic to Epinephrine?

Doc Unable to Do Lipo for Fat Graft Cuz of Epinephrine Allergy. Alternatives? The "gap" dent is not located so that I an use a Butt-enhancing panty. Where can i get some kind of pad to put in the "dent" so it is not noticeable with clothes?

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Sculptra butt lift

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If you are looking for a non-invasive approach, then Sculptra buttock lifting can be very effective and done without epinephrine.  If you are looking for buttock augmentation with fat grafting, then you can do this without the epinephrine. 

I would also check with an allergist as to the nature of your reaction with epinephrine as this is quite uncommon.  If it is more that you feel your heart races, etc..., then lower doses can be used or not used at all.

Fat grafting to SGAP defect

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You are no likely to be truly allergic to epinephrine, this is actually medication used when you have an allergic reaction. Fat grafting is yourvbest option and it can be done without epinephrine if needed.

Buttock deformity

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Your buttock deformity from th SGAP for breast reconstruction can be corrected by many methods

Fat graft, you did not say you are allergic to what?

removing simmilar amount from the opposite butt

making a silicone mold for an external implant.

Buttock implant (cutome made.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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