Movement of breast Implant 3 weeks post op.

Hi Doctors, I had BA done & am 3 weeks post op. Past few days, I could feel my left implant moving when i bend over. But no such movement on my right. My right is also much firmer, where else my left is softer. I don't know if i over massaged causing my breast pocket on my left to be slight larger? I really dislike the feeling of the implant moving. Will this get better if i stop massaging? Thank you.

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Tissue response

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Everyone will respond to surgery differently and within each person each side of the body will respond differntly I  find most things settle with time which is difficult but I do suggest waiting it out!

Movement of breast implant three weeks after augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  It is not uncommon for one breast implant to be softer and to move more three weeks after breast augmentation.  Generally speaking softness and mobility of a breast implant is a good thing.

However if you are concerned he definitely should see your plastic surgeon for an examination.  However if your breast implants look symmetrical and the implant is not too low or too far to the side it is unlikely that you have a problem.

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