I am 4 months post op, lift/500 silicone unders. One high, tight, sore, one low with no pole volume. Do I need revision? (Photo)

I am 4 mo out from my lift/aug 500 sil. under. My right never settled actually got higher a week after surgery. Ive worn the strap massages everything and its not moving. It actually hurts. I can push it into the pocket but it won't go towards my armpit at ALL. My left seemed okay but now is riding really low and I have NO pole volume the swoop I had before surgery is back Do I need to revise? They are SO uneven. I regret ever doing this and all I wanted was to not feel like a 90 year old woman!

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Breast assymetry after lift/aug

Although many plastic surgeons, myself included, feel very comfortable performing a lift at the same time as implants, it is nevertheless one of the more challenging operations.  I would discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon and come up with a plan that you both agree will help you meet your original goals for the surgery.

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Unhappy after implants and lift

  • Your photo suggests you have stretch marks in your upper chest, suggesting significant loss of skin elasticity,
  • You have large implants and heavy ones - silicone weighs more than saline,
  • Your pain on the R side suggests the possibility of an early capsule on that side,
  • Your implant on the L appears to have caused the lift to re-stretch.
  • A revision may improve this - but it will require careful planning.
    Most likely you will need smaller or lighter implants to take stress off your tissues,
  • a capsule release, ADM for support (acellular dermal matrix implants) and a textured implant.
  • You should return to your plastic surgeon to review the problem and consider what can be done.
  • Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Hard to tell...

Thank you for posting your photos. Unfortunately,  it is not very clear to me how asymmetrical the breasts are From your photos. At any rate, I recommend that you have an honest and open conversation with your plastic surgeon and discuss your Treatment/revision options.

Dhaval M. Patel, MD
Hoffman Estates Plastic Surgeon
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Reasons for asymmetry after breast augmentation

Assuming both breasts were even after breast augmentation and breast lift.  The most common reason for the right breast to sit high and the left to sit low is differential healing and scarring around the implants.  I've seen a direct correlation of the amount of scar tissue that forms around a breast implant with the activity level of the individual shortly after surgery.  The right side formed more internal scarring and therefore that additional scar has prevented the right breast from sagging or settling at the same rate as the left breast.  This is most common with right handed individual who use their right arm much more than the left arm.  If you wish for both breasts to heal the same you need to use both arms the same.  The reason for this is shortly after surgery the internal tissue around the breast implant is highly vascular and with excessive use of the arm you are more likely to cause small tears in the breast capsule.  This leads to a small amount of bleeding.  Where blood forms is where scars will form later.  You will need to support the left breast constantly so the internal scar does not stretch and try massaging the right breast to relax the scar.  You may even try to use ultrasonic treatment to try to soften the scar of the right breast. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
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