How long should I wait to have a fat transfer after having sculptra?

hi I just had sculptra done 3 weeks ago to add more volume to my face that had lost a little volume. im 30  how long do I have to wait to try fat transfer since I already had sculptra 3 weeks ago. I don't see much change yet but I know it's early. I don't sleep much and have a hyper autistic son. I'm starting to get a tired sad look and wonder if maybe the fat injections would refresh my face. Anu suggestions would be appreciated thanks...

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Sculptra and Fat Grafting

It is interesting to be having both of these types of fillers to the same area so close together. I would ask your treating physician their opinion since these products almost accomplish the same result. Sculptra does not begin taking effect immediately and it may take a few months in order to see optimal results. 

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Roni 101
sculptra definitely requires some patience to see and appreciate full results. Everybody's results may vary but the fact that you are 30 is a good advantage. I personally would wait at least 6to 8 weeks before contemplating fat grafting after Sculptra. If you only had one treatment of Sculptra I would also suggest another treatment at 4-6 weeks after initial treatment.  I typically use 2 vials per treatment but that is also dependent upon patient needs and finances. 
I like fat around the eyes the best but when not overdone looks really nice in the cheeks as well. My experience is that Sculptra gets me the necessary volume in the temples better than fat but both very good 
best of luck
Dr M

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