I was told that a Facelift may be beneficial for me, am I a good candidate? (photo)

I'm 30 and a mom if 4.

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30 is too young for a facelift.

By 30, the aging process just isn’t advanced enough to warrant a facelift, and you already look younger than 30 as it is. If you’re concerned about some of the early signs of aging, like fine lines or crow’s feet, med spa treatments such as BOTOX®, dermal fillers or chemical peels can help you maintain your youthful look for many years to come. Most of my patients don’t consider a facelift until around their 50s or 60s, when they start to see noticeably lax skin.

A treatment that I would recommend for women in their 30s and 40s is Ultherapy.This is the only FDA-approved technology that uses ultrasound energy to non-invasively lift and tighten skin.

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I was told that a Facelift may be beneficial for me, am I a good candidate?


Although the photograph is not standardized and an in-person consultation is needed to fully assess your features it is good enough to determine that a facelift would not be in your best interest, in my opinion.

At 30, most people would benefit from good skin care products, avoiding the sun, and perhaps Botox or fillers to reestablish youthful contours.  At 30, the adage less is more applies.

I hope this helps.

Timothy R. Miller, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a candidate for a facelift

It is exceedingly unusual for a 30 year old to show signs of aging that would benefit from a facelift. From the picture that you provided you do not appear to have any jowling or laxity in the neck. At most, you may have a little bit of hollowing in the region under the eyes. You look very good for a mother of four.

Todd C. Miller, MD
Newport Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Face lift at 30

  • I hope it wasn't a plastic surgeon who told you to have a face lift.
  • If it wasn't a professional but a friend or relative - wow, not a nice person!
  • I have done early face lifts on women your age; your photo shows that you do not need one.
  • Nor does the photo show a need for office cosmetic treatments.
  • You have a beautiful face and look remarkable for a mother of 4. 

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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You do not need a facelift

There is no indication whatsoever for facelift based on the photograph provided. Minor aesthetic issues can be dealt with safely and relatively inexpensively using fillers or Botox.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Candidate for facelift?

Looking at your photo, you are too young for a facelift. If you wish to improve the appearance of your face, there are many other treatments you may try over the next number of years. Some of these treatments include the following:

1) Botox
2) Facial fillers
3) Facials and skin rejuvenation procedures

The best thing for now would be taking preventative measures such as wearing a good sunscreen, avoiding alcohol, and smoking, as they can all age the body significantly. Thank you and good luck. 

Jonathan Kulbersh, MD
Charlotte Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Not a candidate for a facelift

At age 30, you are not a candidate for a facelift. Most patients in our practice who undergo a facelift or usually Between 50 and 60 years of age.  For many examples of older men and women who have had a facelift in our practice, please see the  link below

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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was told that a Facelift may be beneficial for me, am I a good candidate?

At 30 years old, I do not suggest a facelift.  You need to speak with your facial plastic surgeon to discuss what is bothering you.  There are many, many options (other than facelift) for you.  You are attractive and youthful, so facelift is not for you!

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift for a younger patient

As other facelift surgeons have stated, you are not a good candidate for facelift surgery based on the photograph and your age. Other cosmetic procedures you may consider, which are more appropriate for younger patients, include Botox, facial fillers, chemical peel, laser resurfacing, etc. If you haven't already, then speak with a cosmetic specialist to help determine appropriate options for you.

Dr. Chaboki

Houtan Chaboki, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Not a candidate

Thanks for your photo and question.  I agree with the other surgeons, you do not exhibit  many of the typical signs of aging that would necessitate a faceift.  You appear to  have good skin quality and volume.  You may benefit from some Botox, skin care, and perhaps some fillers (Juvederm or Restylane) if you wanted to enhance your lips and  perioral area.  Be sure to seek out a board certified plastic surgeon and get another opinion.  Good luck. 

Matthew H. Steele, MD
Sioux City Plastic Surgeon
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