High Incision Scars and Hypertrophic Scarring, What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 5 months post op snd my incisions look to high on breasts. And my inscions are still red and look raised and noticable and the incisions are nowhere near crease. What can I do... Thanks

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Breast Incision

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Thank you for the picture.  The position of the incision on your breast can not be changed. The character of the incision can be changed.  The good thing is that your incision is only 5 months old.  Time will improve the incision.  Silicone bandages can be used to help the incision also.

Dr. ES

Leave the incision alone for now.

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I think there is a very good chance that the scar will be practically invisible wound healing is complete. It is still biologically active. Protected from trauma and keep in touch with your plastic surgeon.

High Incision Scars and Hypertrophic Scarring after Breast Augmentation, What Can I Do?

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Thank you for the question. You may choose to post your question again with frontal and side view pictures of your breast. Sometimes, if breast implants have settled too low on the chest wall, the inframammary scars may “ride high” on the breast mounds making them more visible than desired. If this is the case, revisionary breast surgery to raise the breast implants on your chest wall (capsulorraphy)  may be helpful. Again, frontal and side view photos of your breasts with your arms by your side, will be helpful to better evaluate your situation.

As far as the scars go, improvement  in their appearance can be expected for at least one year after the procedure was performed. In the meantime, you may benefit from the use of silicone-based products such as silicone based gel or sheeting. See if your plastic surgeon has his/her preferences.

 Best wishes.

Wait a while

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It can take up to a year for these scars to mature. The fact that they are not exactly in the crease is not a huge problem.

Try using something like Mederma on the scars and be patient.

Good luck!

Barry Press, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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