The whites of my eyes are the color of blood and they hurt is this normal? (Photos)

I had nerve decompression on my temples and forehead as well as a deviated septum and tip work done. The whites of my eyes are the color of blood and they hurt is this normal?

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Eye Swelling after Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery?

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This swelling is not commonly seen after rhinoplasty. It appears that you had your eyes done at the same time. After eyelid surgery, the thin membrane over the eye can swell. If you notice any vision change, contact your doctor immediately. The swelling usually resolves gradually on its own. Make sure the eye does not get dried out, lubrication eye ointments or drops can help.

Post-op Red Eyes

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This is like a bruise in the white part of your eyes. This is most likely a normal finding after the type of surgery you had- and it will resolve over time. Eye drops can help with the discomfort.

Eyes after surgery

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It is common for the eyes to swell and the redness you see in them.

Talk with your surgeon he may want to prescribe a eye drop to help with the swelling and redness.

Rhinoplasty and eye bruising

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It is very common for the eyes to be bruised after a rhinoplasty. This often will resolve in one to two weeks.

Please contact your surgeon.

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You had recent surgery. Your surgeon is responsible for your care and all of your questions. Your photos do not suggest an obvious reason for concern but only your surgeon can properly evaluate you. Best of luck to you. 

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