Am I a good candidate for Lumineers? Is bonding + shaping + whitening a better option? Veneers are out of the question. (Photo)

My teeth are very straight but I dont like their 'round' shape in the middle- and my canines look like the Rocky Mts. lol and have subsequently chipped down the upper teeth that they touch- I had my right upper tooth bonded bc my bottom canine is so 'sharp'! Also- I need to whiten them obviously.

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Lumineers vs. traditional veneers

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As a cosmetic dentist, I get this question quite frequently. Here is a general rule : Lumineers (no prep veneers) don't look good unless there are a few requirements met such as inclined teeth, short teeth and small teeth that you desire to make bigger and wider. In your case your teeth are already in a normal position, the size is normal and your front teeth are even more prominent, thus Lumineers are certainly CONTRAINDICATED ! 

Best solution a teeth whitening and reshaping with some bonding. Get a Nightguard and you will be fine. 
PS: Another  reason why Lumineers are not so aesthetic is because they are monotone (monochromatic) thus one 1 porcelain is used and they have "no depth." Our master lab technician here in Beverly Hills is able to create the most beautiful no prep veneers with a polychromatic look (several porcelain layers used) to give the most natural and real looking results.
Again results are stunning only if the right conditions are met. I hope I was able to help.




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Porcelain veneers and Lumineers are basically the same thing except for a few technical differences, so the cost is exactly the same in my practice. I would start off by doing some whitening and reshaping of your teeth. If your goals can't be met then you may need to consider doing some very conservative veneers. I would talk to a dentist who has experience in doing conservative cosmetic treatment. I hope this gets you started.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Veneers out of the question ... #SarahThompsonDMD #STLDentist

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Hello there,
Based on your description of things, I would highly recommend porcelain veneers.  However, you are opposed to veneers, but open to Lumineers.  Lumineers are just a type of no-prep/minimal prep veneers.  They typically do not last nearly as long as other minimally prepped veneers; the veneers that I place are typically guaranteed for 10 years, but expected to last 20-30 years with proper oral hygiene. 
Bonding is typically going to be only a temporary fix because bonding is always going to chip and stain; it's just a matter of time. 
Shaping (also known as filing) is a viable option.  You could have your dentist try this technique first, but this will not brighten your tooth shade.
Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
O Fallon, Illinois and St. Louis, MO

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