Severly Distorted Nose After Rhinoplasty. Will Immediate Results Show if Something Went Wrong?

Ok, so I have been looking at some of the doctors on here before and after photos. Some of the Revision before and afters are very scary frankly. Some of these noses are severly deformed and distorted. I guess I would like to know if they come off the operating table like that? How can this happen? I mean is it apparent fairly soon after surgery that something has gone really wrong? I hope so. Otherwise I am will be scared forever now to wake up one day with a nose that bad.

I wanted to clarify my previous question regarding severely distorted noses after rhinoplasty. What I meant was some of the pictures of BEFORE revisions where very bad. I just wondered if thats how they were right after surgery. And how that could een happen. I did not mean to sound like the before and AFTERs were scary. :) sorry I there was confusion .

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Distorted Noses after Rhinoplasty

The "distortions" of the noses you talk about probably were not apparent to the surgeons that did them at the completion of surgery. I feel that abnormalities or irregularities do become visible within a few weeks or a couple months after the procedure, before they progress to the results you describe. A patient will never just "wake up one day with a nose that bad". I may sound repetitive, but that's why it's so important to pick an experienced rhinoplasty specialist to avoid the "distorted" noses that you have seen.

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Distorted and disfigured after rhinoplasty

A well performed rhinoplasty improves contours, balance, and facial harmony.  The types of scary outcomes you describe are not common and should not occur in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon.  Having said that it must also be noted that even the most skilled rhinoplasty practitioner will need to provide revisions for some patients.  Usually revisions are for subtle re-adjustments, such as for a hump that wasn't taken down enough, a scar that is too prominent, or a slight nostril asymmetry.


When considering a procedure make sure your surgeon shows you a complete portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures of his or her own work so you can get a reasonable idea of what kind of results are possible.

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Long-term rhinoplasty results

Rhinoplasty techniques of 20-30 years ago (closed technique, aggressive reduction, minimal structural grafting) produced noses which continued to change (often for the worse) for many years after the procedure.
Rhinoplasty techniques of today (open approach, less aggressive reduction, more structural grafting to support the nose) produce results which typically stabilize after 1 year.

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Scary rhinoplasty results

Interesting comments. I'm sure that all rhinoplasty surgeons try their hardest to deliver the best results possible. Sometimes things just don't heal as intended. on the other hand the appearance of the nose should look right at the time of surgery.

Ronald Schuster, MD
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How long for severe nasal distortion to be evident

The severely distorted nose that required revision rhinoplasty in the noses you were seeing likely occurred gradually after surgery. Techniques which use a more reductive approach can lead to long term scar contracture which distorts the nasal appearance.

These days it is more common to use a more conservative, structure-based approach in which the healing process is pretty stable after about a year.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Poor rhinoplasty results

The healing process after rhinoplasty is quite variable and depends upon the techniques performed by the surgeon, the patient and the thickness of their skin.  Many subtle effects take years to show up after the surgical procedure has been performed, as seen in noses done 20 years ago.  Some of the poor rhinoplasty results we see were done by inexperienced rhinoplasty surgeons.  It is best to look for someone who has extensive revision experience and good communication skills to give the patient realistic expectations for their new nose.

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