Severely injured nose & need an implant removed 10 months ago. When is it safe to plan on a revision?

I injured my nose once 6 wks post op after it "settled" & 12 weeks. The 2nd time, the nose swelled to 2x what I saw when the cast came off. I saw my surgeon to ensure the medpor tip top graft put in my nose was intact. He told me to wait 6 months. Nose slowly "shrank" 50% & now has stopped. (Looks exactly as it did 4 mths ago-red on one side, bulbous, overprojected).My surgeon says implant removal is impossible. What can I do? I no future progress but scared of making a bad outcome worse.

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Implant removal from nose

Dear irsi,

  • If it is red, it should be checked out, just in case there is a small infection
  • Medpor can be difficult to remove, but possible
  • If you aren't getting the answers you are looking for, then seek out a second opinion with a revision rhinoplasty specialist

Nima Shemirani

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