Severe Swelling and Burning After Restalyne in my Cheek Area. 5 Days Post Injection is This Normal?

I had restalyne under my eyes and small amount around my lips 5 days ago i reacted with severe bruising and on the left side my cheek, nose, upper lip and teeth are totally numb. i have severe swelling in that area and it is a little red. i have very bad sinus issues and have had 3 surgeries on my sinus in the past, could the injection triggered sinus issue?

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Restylane complications

Restylane injection can cause post-procedure bruising. However, what you are describing is beyond the norm. Restylane is injected intradermally and nowhere near your sinuses. I am assuming that you were injected by a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. If not, then you may need to see an appropriately trained and experienced physician in evaluation.

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