Get Rid of Severe Stretch Marks on my Stomach?

I am 24 and have lupus. I had a real bad pregnacy where I had a TIA. So from research I pretty much know a tummy tuck is dangerous and most doctors will not touch me. Is there any alternative? I use to be a swimsuit model and I'm sick of my husband making fun of my still new to me body.

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Stretch mark options in non-surgical patients

You have not mentioned the time since delivery. Time improves all wounds and stretch marks. Occasionally retin-A and/or laser therapy may help improve the appearance of dark or red stretch marks. Other creams or lotions promise results but rarely deliver. I am not impressed with Strivectin's results and I  have have heard rumors about TNS complex but cannot comment on its effects.

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Stretch Marks

Dear Britt,

Unfortunately, there are not any really effective nonsurgical means to rid yourself of stretch marks.  Hopefully you can explain to your significant other that his teasing is not helpful and that your options for correction are limited to none.

Good Luck

Dr. ES

Strechmarks on Stomach

Given your medical condition and current medication you are taking you are at increased risk for having possible complications. Please see a couple of good Board-certified Plastic Surgeon who after examining your history and condition can give you possible options. Good Luck,

Dr. Sajjadian

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Severe stretch marks on my stomach

Photos would have helped but your medical condition "Lupus" takes priority to ant type of cosmetic operation or treatment for those stretch marks. Consult with 3 boarded PS in your area. Good luck from MIAMI Dr. B

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