What Can I Do About Severe Redness, 5 Weeks After Eyelid Surgery?

I had both upper and lower lids done 5 weeks ago. I continue to have a little swelling, but alot of bright redness which is around the eye and extends down my cheek about 2 inches. It is worse on one side than on the other. It is concentrated around the eye and one inch below when I awake in the morning but worsens as the day goes on.

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Redness around eyes

It is difficult to say without a formal exam or at least pictures.  If you are concerned, I suggest that you see your surgeon.

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I strongly recommend that you see your surgeon for this.

No photos and no exam make it very difficult to have a clear picture of what is going one.  However, you surgeon will be able to immediately assess what is going one and what needs to be done.  Please do not wait for your next scheduled appointment.  Please call your surgeon's office today and discuss with them what is going on and your concerns.  I am certain that your surgeon will want to see you immediately to assess you and decide what is going on and what to do about it if anything.

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Redness after lid surgery

This does not sounds normal healing.  You should see your surgeon and/or an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon.


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