Severe Protruded Front Teeth

First thank you for taking the time to view this question. I have severe protruded front teeth and crowdedness. Is it likely that I may need lower jaw surgery?

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Protruded front teeth

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The best thing to do would be to have a consultation with a board certified orthodontist in your area (lots of orthodontists do free consultations). There's just no way to really know your options without doing that.

Cleveland Dentist

Protruding teeth do not always require jaw surgery

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It is difficult to assess the need for jaw surgery from the pictures you posted with your question.  Certainly, you have an issue with crowding.  It also appears that you have an open anterior bite ( the front teeth do not come together.  The pictures were not clear to determine any kind of cross-bite in the back of the jaw.  A detailed orthodontic evaluation  is the only method to truly evaluate the need for jaw surgery.  Severe jaw discrepancies may require jaw surgery.  Less involved case may just involve possible removal of a few teeth to provide enough space to move your front teeth back into a more aesthetic position.  Before rushing to the oral surgeon, get an evaluation from your local orthodontist.

Marc Zive, DMD
Springfield Dentist

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