Severe pain 2 weeks post liposuction? (photo)

I had liposuction of my inner and outer thighs, hips and upper/ lower abdomen done on the 7 October. I'm still in agony tho, feet and ankles swollen and on battling to walk and my inner thighs have 2 large bulges on the inside, about 10-15cm in diameter. The area where the bulges are are red and inflamed ( no bruising ). I'm achy and don't feel well and I'm having shooting pains in my thighs. Please is this normal? Regards, Delia

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You should see your PS or go to an ER. I would be worried about an infection. Please get assessed ASAP.


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See your physician immediately

After liposuction you should not have "severe" pain, most people are uncomfortable a few days, but that quickly subsides. Swelling is normal for weeks to months after surgery, but never anything that I have seen causing much distress. If there are lumps, large areas of swelling or drainage, changes of the skin color/warmth, or severe pain/change in sensation, you must see the physician who treated you immediately to rule out any infection or seroma/hematoma formation. By two weeks you should be improving dramatically everyday. If that is not the case, see your physician or get a second opinion right away. Wish you the best, Dr. E.

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Have you seen your surgeon?

Based on what you are describing, I would be worried about a possible infection. You should speak to your plastic surgeon and get assessed. Redness and pain, aches, swelling suggest an underlying infection

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