SEVERE Pain in Right Breast 5 Weeks Post Breast Revision/Lift? (photo)

Hello I have a very swollen, very painful right breast. I am 5 weeks post-op and had a breast revision/ mastopexy, same implants used (450cc silicone gel mentors), because my left breast had a capsular contraction 4 years after previous lift/ augmentation . Now (these are under muscle) I had visited my dr. yesterday and he said wait and see. I am freaking out because a) I feel sick, have a fever and this happened suddenly and b) he said that I have to wait 6 months. Any suggestions?

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Breastr issues

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Without an exam, it is hard to say what is going on.  Do you have an infection, a seroma, a hematoma?  Speak with your surgeon.

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Breast revision pain after 5 weeks

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I am sorry you are not feeling well.  Without examining you it is difficult to say exactly what is going on.  High fevers, redness, swelling, and heat are the four signs of infection.  If you are experiencing anything like this, I would return to your surgeon for re-evaluation.

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See your Doctor

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It is not normal to have such a painful swollen breast this long after surgery, even with aggressive capsular surgery. Your physician should evaluate you frequently looking for the possibility of residual hematoma, seroma, or even a low grade infection.

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