Severe Pain in Left Breast One Week Post Op?

I had my breast augmentation on week ago. I went for a AA to a C with 300cc silicone under the muscle inserted under the breast. The recovery has pretty much been smooth sailing till yesterday I had a severe pain above my incision site into the nipple in my left breast. This morning I woke up with pain in my entire breast, it feels extremely tender while my right breast feels no pain. The only thing I can contribute to the pain would be the fact that I'm left handed. Should I be worried?

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Having pain 1 week post-surgery is normal. It sounds to be the nerves regenerating, but without an exam it will be hard to diagnose. You should follow up with your PS, to assure yourself you’re healing ok.


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Severe Pain in Left Breast One Week Post Op?

Difficult to fully answer without an exam.  More pain on one side (especially the side of your dominant hand) is not uncommon.  My concern is that you describe severe pain and it is the entire left breast.  Under these circumstances, it is best to contact your surgeon and get a proper examination.

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Probably normal but check with your surgeon

The pain you experience in only one breast can be normal at this point, but I would recommend following up with your surgeon. At this point the breast is still swollen and enlarged. Typically the healing time for both breasts can vary.  Sharp pain in only one of them can be a sign of the “awaking” of the nerves. Any type of pain should not be ignored. There are rare cases of hematomas occurring couple weeks after surgery.  Please schedule the follow up visit to make sure there is no sign of infection.

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Breast pain one week out from surgery


Having pain after breast implant placement is normal part of the healing  process.  Normally the dominant side implant if placed sub pectoral is a little higher and hurts a little more in the beginning.  Any sudden change in shape, skin temperature, color or discharge should be discussed with your plastic surgeon ASAP.

Good luck and thank you for your question.



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Pain in Left Breast One Week Post Op

Dear Leila,

Pain after a breast augmentation can be a normal occurence or be the sign of a problem beginning. Intermittant pain is usually just nerve sensitivity from the surgery and is quite common. Constant pain more likely indicates something else that your surgeon would want to check out. So if you are in pain all the time it is best to call and go in and see your surgeon. It looks like you are in Oklahoma City. Dr Paramjit Bajaj or Dr Anureet Bajaj a great surgeon if you need someone local to help you.

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Pain after breast augmentation

Pain one week after surgery is not unusual; and many women will identify one breast as being more painful than the other.  However, if you are concerned, I would recommend that you speak with your surgeon -- especially if you have any symptoms which would be worrisome for other problems like increased swelling, hardness, or redness of the breast. Good luck!

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If your left breast is still looks and feels the same it is usually not something to worry about


It is not uncommon to develop asymmetric pain in the first week or so after submuscular breast augmentation.  Any number of factors can cause this including muscle spasm or suture tension on muscle or nerve.  As long as your breast feels soft as before and looks the same without increase or decrease in size, without redness, fever, drainage, or incision opening you are likely ok.

All the best,

Dr Remus Repta

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Breast Implants and Severe Pain

Hi Leila,

Sudden severe pain after breast implant surgery is always cause for concern.You should notify your PS immediately to seek his advice.

  • Even at one week post-op, severe pain associated with increasing breast swelling could be a hematoma (bleeding around the implant).
  • From the information you provided, the radiating pain from the incision to the nipple (without abnormal swelling or redness) could be nerve irritation.
  • Tenderness with swelling and redness around the incision would suggest possible infection.

It will take a discussion/examination with your PS to see if there is cause for concern.

Good Luck!

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