Severe Pain During Smart Lipo?

I experienced severe pain during Smart Lipo a few days ago. I, along with my doctor, were completely baffled. I can describe it as hundreds of burning stabbing needles and tissue ripping. During the suctioning process I thought that a power tool with coarse bristles were being jabbed back and forth and that the actual insicion was being ripped open each time the doctor moved the wand back and forth. I thought this was going to be almost pain free. What happened? I had to have him stop because it hurt too bad.

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Which areas did you have Smart Lipo?


I would agree that your experience is baffling. Doing Smartlipo or liposuction under local anesthesia requires great patience on the part of the doctor doing the injections, as the patient is awake for all of the process. It would be interesting to know how many Smartlipo cases your doctor has done and how many have had problems in completing the procedure.

It could be related to the amount of anesthesia in each bag of fluid. We are limited in how much local anesthesia we can use. The amounts are calculated based on your weight and a skinnier person can have less local anesthesia than a heavier one.

You did not mention what area of the body this happened in. My guess is that there was not sufficient local anesthesia in the area. We have had our Smartlipo machine for about 6 months and we have not had to stop a procedure without completing it. Most people describe it as very mild pain. So I agree that it is most unusual.

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