I Have Severe Pain After the Exchange of Tissue Expanders for Silicone Implants 2.5 Weeks Ago, Why Would this Be?

I had a b/l mastectomy for DCIS in 9/2011 with tissue expander placement (with Alloderm) and was always very uncomfortable with the expanders. I am not a good candidate for flaps so we hoped that the discomfort would improve with implants. However, it is worse now than before, especially laterally and at the inferior pole. Of note, I did not have pain for 1.5 weeks after the exchange, it then became gradually worse. There is no infection and no seroma. My surgeon does not know why this happened.

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Pain after implant exchange

Your pain all might be related to the recent surgery and possible swelling.  I doubt a capsule would develop this early. An exam is certainly worth having to make sure there is no infection. hematoma, etc..

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The most common cause of the pain is capsular contracture

The common cause of the pain post implant reconstruction is capsular contracture. Picture would have been helpful. If your implants are hard or do not move,you have contracture.

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