I have a severe overjet, am I a candidate for Invisalign? (photo)

I've battled with overjet my whole life. Scared of having braces for personal reasons and in general never smile due to my teeth. What other issues do I have and can invisalign correct it?

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#Invisalign for overjet

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Based on your photos, it appears that you have a lot of crowding.  I've treated several cases similar or worse than your's using Invisalign.  If you go to my profile, you can look at some of the Invisalign cases that I've posted.  I think my pictures will give you confidence that you can be helped with Invisalign.  I doubt that you live near my office, so my best advice to you is to really analyze the before and after photos of the doctor you choose.  This will give you an excellent idea of what results the doctor is capable of.  I encourage you to do some homework on this.  Good luck to you and I hope this helps. "Follow" me on Real Self to ask more questions of me.
Sarah Thompson, DMD
O'Fallon, IL and St. Louis, MO

Overbite correction

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You look like a perfect candidate for Invisalign. I have corrected overbites much more severe than yours with Invisalign . Good luck.

Sue Wendling, DMD
Portland Dentist

DNA better to start case than Invisalign

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Invisalign is an option but probably not the best option.My first choice would be to utilize Epigenetic Orthodontics , a DNA Appliance to grow bone in the Maxilla and mandible and grow the lower arch.  Once the orthopedic correction is complete you can evaluate if Invisalign is still needed for fine tuning the smile,

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