How Severe Will my Acne Scars Be? I'm on my 2 Month of Accutane.

I was hoping to get an idea of how severe my acne scars will be after the acne completely goes away. I am on my second month of Accutane. Also will laser be very effective on my type Of scarring or Should I try something else Thanks

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Acne Scarring

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This is an impossible question to answer.  First, the good news is that the scars are going to get better with time.  The redness will fade dramatically over several months which is what most patients do not like most about their scars.  The bad news is the permanent scars are variable, some may depressed or rolled, others box car type or ice pick type.  The type of scars you have and severity dictates which method will help you the most.  Waiting several months until you are finished your Accutane treatment is the next step.

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Acne scars after Accutane

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This is hard to answer without any idea of what your acne was like, how old you are, if you picked and popped your acne, etc. You should finish your course of Accutane and wait a few months. Then evaluate your scarring and possible treatment options - there are many - lasers, resurfacing, dermabrasion, etc.

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