Severe Infection After Mommy Makeover. Shouldn't it Be Aspirated?

At this point I am very exhausted and need advise and reassurance. At 6 days post heavy bleeding wasn't treated after calling PS. 1 week later fever, tacky, numbness in right leg. Admitted to ER and hospitalized 5 days to treat infection. Now PS is concerned and calls me to keep him updated. After being discharged I see him next day says it doesn't look bad and should reabsorb at that point I beg to aspirate me that I need to be back to my kids. Now 2 days later hot flashes, cold, itching TIRED!

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Get a second opinion ASAP. infection plus hematoma is not a good combination.

I have no hesitation to open the incision and drain the hematoma and culture the hematoma . then treat accordingly.In some cases one can not be very conservative, and have to intervene to get the best results.

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Infection after mommy makeover

It sounds like you were treated for infection and happened to have a hematoma.  It is unlikely that the hematoma was infected, or you would have needed more than an aspiration to properly treat it.  You could always get a second opinion, but if your surgeon has examined you, it is likely that he has the best insight into the optimal recommendation for your care.

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I don't have quite enough info here. If there is a hematoma at this stage, some may be able to be aspirated, but most will be clotted blood which will not come out through a small needle. 

At any rate, with your current symptoms and history you should be seen. An attempt to aspirate is pretty harmless and painless to you due to the numbness. 

Thanks, best wishes for an uneventful recovery from here on. 

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