Severe headache after first round of Botox for migraine...What can I do for relief?

I had botox one week ago to help with my chronic migraines. I did this as a last resort. The next day I felt extremely nauseous, and had a horribly sick headache in my forehead. Way worse than the daily headaches I have. Eventually my nausea subsided, but the headache remains. I called my neurologist and she prescribed a steroid taper, and I am on day three of those. No relief. I have taken Excedrin daily and Treximet, but it doesn't touch this headache.

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Severe Headache after Botox Injection

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Hi Jbennett,

You are probably free from headaches by now. Usually, it takes a  few days after botox injection for it to work and for you to feel relief. On some cases, the symptoms may actually get worse on the first few days. 
Should the pain persist for more than 2 weeks however, you should call for a neurologic revisit.

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