Severe Bruising After Breast Augmentation

I have had BA one week ago and had severe bruising. At least I'm calling them bruising. They started the day after surgery with redness and some blisters. Blisters have gone away but now I'm left with black/bluish spots all over my breasts.

I saw my PS the day after surgery and he didn't know what to make of them, told me to take Decadron and put Triamcinolone cream. Is is this normal?

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Bruising after Breast Augmentation

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LaitLena- I hope your situation has improved since you posted your question. Although it is difficult to give you advice without seeing the actual lesions/bruises on the skin, but it does sound as if you either had a reaction to the tape that was placed after surgery, the skin scrub/cleansing solution used or even an allergy to the latex in the bra or surgical materials used....If the rashes/bruises were elsewhere on your skin, from head to toe, it might have been an allergy to a medication.

In any event, you sought out the best advice, your Plastic Surgeon. He/she knows you and your case the best. If the areas do not resolve with the treatment prescribed, I would have your surgeon recommend a trusted Dermatologist for a second opinion.

Good luck and I hope everything has resolved!

Dr. C

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Possible allergic reaction to tape or antiseptic after breast augmentation--it happens. But never the implant.

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I can't diagnose you but bruising, at least a little, is not uncommon after breast augmentation.  What you describe does not sound like bruising.  There could be some sort of allergic reaction to the surgical prep or bandages which would explain why your surgeon is prescribing steroids.  You are not having an allergic response to the implant.  That never happens.

Post-op augmentation

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This sounds like a very unusual circumstance after breast augmenation. Did you have tape on your breasts to suggest blistering? Or is it underneath the tissue with localized bruising?

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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This is not normal after breast implants

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This is not normal but without looking at you I'd say it could be several things. Follow your surgeon's instructions as he has the benefit of knowing more than we do here.

Best Regards and Good Luck.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Not typical but follow your surgeons instructions.

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This does sound somewhat unusual.

It almost sounds like an allergic reaction or reaction to a topical agent such as the prep solution or post-operative dressings.

It appears as if your surgeon has this under control. As long as it does not progress, I would not be concerned. Keep the blisters clean and moist so as to optimize healing.

Keep in close contact with your surgeon and advise them immediately of any changes.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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