Severe Anxiety Post Augmentation?

I am a 23, 115lbs, 5'6". I underwent a BA (300cc silicond unders) 11 days ago and am suffering from severe panic and anxiety. I was diagnosed with OCD/anxiety back in high school but have dealt with it well since. I feel so lost and hopeless and it's causing a strain on my engagement as well on family relationships. I am taking Xanax in the mean time but what I want is for everything to go back to normal. Including my body. I wish I never had this procedure done and wish to explant....

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Calm down after breast augmentation.

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If you can control your emotions for a few weeks you will come to enjoy the presence of the breast implants almost without fail. Discussion difficulties with your plastic surgeon see if the two of you can work through it.

Severe anxiety after breast augmentation

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Severe anxiety is not the normal response after breast augmentation and you are right to look for help. Given your medical history you should contact your physician right away. Once you are back in "balance" you can have candid discussions with your surgeon about if you made the correct decision about breast implants and whether you should keep them as is.

Severe Anxiety Post Augmentation

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Any surgical procedure can interfere with anxiety type conditions since all surgery places a tremendous amount of strain on the body.  Think back on the reasons you had the breast augmentation in the first place.  If these conditions are still relevant then you can assure yourself that you made the right decisions for yourself and that this is a temporary situation.  If you feel totally out of control either contact your mental health provider or have the implants removed.   

Removing Breast Implants

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I would go with your instinct and remove the implants. It is a quick procedure and you will feel better immediately. I have seen this kind of anxiety before, unfortunately. I agree that seeking help from other doctors for your anxiety is a good idea but nobody should need to be medicated to salvage a breast augmentation. It isn't for everybody. You tried and did not like it. 

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Severe Anxiety after Breast Augmentation?

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I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing after breast augmentation surgery. Although some “emotional ups and downs” are to be expected after any type of surgical procedure, you seem  to be suffering from  a rather severe case. Best, to seek consultation with your primary care physician and/or a psychiatric professional. Certainly do not make any decisions about additional surgery until your emotional/anxiety “situation” is fully controlled.

 Best wishes.

Severe Anxiety Post Augmentation?

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The issue of explantation is one to discuss with your surgeon. Your primary physician is the doctor who is most likely to be able to help through the anxiety. I would encourage trying that before making a decision to remove your implants. 

Best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Will removal of implants return you to "normal?"

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I am truly sorry you are one of the extremely rare individuals who seem to have immediately regretted your decision to undergo breast augmentation. You say nothing about your appearance before or after surgery, but only describe your "severe panic and anxiety," your prior diagnosis of OCD/anxiety, and you present feelings of "lost and hopeless" leading to family and fiancee strains. These graphic words are not to be taken lightly, but neither is your considering another operation to remove your implants.

Let's assume your recovery is coming along normally--are you seeing your surgeon, and have you discussed these very real and troubling thoughts with your surgeon? You must do this, as you will have to ask him/her to remove your implants--there is no "magic wand" to simply undo what you must have contemplated, consulted with your surgeon, discussed with your fiancee (if not your family as well), and underwent an operation to achieve! Breast augmentation surgery was certainly NOT an "impulse" purchase you now want to take back to the "RETURNS" counter!

So let's not jump the gun (again, since you now obviously feel you did so with the first operation)!

If you are high, tight, and your breasts don't lookand feel natural yet, it's still very early and there will be substantial changes as the days and weeks go by. It will take several months for your final softening, settling, and sensation recovery to be achieved--you really can't say you don't like what you have not yet reached!

If your breasts look and feel good, but you are still anxious and panicky, then you should carefully assess exactly what is causing these unusual responses to elective surgery you obviously felt you wanted. Simply removing your implants will NOT return you to "normal;" you will still have new scars on your breasts you didn't have before, and wait, you didn't feel "normal" enough in your breast appearance pre-operatively--you wanted bigger (or perhaps perkier breasts) . . .

 . . . so you will simply return to that state of mind prior to surgery when you felt inadequate in your breast anatomy.

Or were you hoping to improve relationship issues with your fiancee by enlarging your breasts? This is too personal and important for me or any online consultant to speculate about, but your situation actually sounds unrelated to breast implants (or not), and much more towards interpersonal issues that everyone is finding difficult to properly address.

So instead we get breast implants, and now decide we don't really want breast implants. They didn't solve any of your real problems, did they?

Dear lady, please realize that if your implants are removed, you will simply return to your (presumably too-small) previous breast size and still have all of your previous and remaining issues (whether you choose to deal with them or not) as the real causes for your panic, anxiety, hopelessness, and "lost" feelings.

Perhaps you really want to postpone your pending nuptials? If so, go ahead--that is much better than prolonging your pain and adding more with the inevitable divorce that attends this type of transferrence! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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