Severe Acne Scars and Sleeping Schedule?

I have many different schedules everyday in a week. Whenever I had a long night sleep in my dayoffs, which I usually wake up at 11 to 12 for 3 or 4 consecutive days, I found out that my severe acne scars becoming a lot better (a lot more even in term of texture). However, when I started to have morning schedules (7 in the morning for 3 consecutive days), which I had a short night sleep, my acne scars becoming a lot worse (scars becoming a lot deeper). I have noticed this for a few months.

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Does sleeping affect acne scarring

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Your skin will change a bit throughout the day and your skin probably looks better because your skin's oiliness will change throughout the day. Overall, it doesn't affect the actual scars but they can look a bit different depending on this factor.

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