Sever Pain That Feels Like a Bruise, 3 Months After Breast Aug, Now I Have a Red Mark in Middle, is This an Infection? (photo)

I had breast aug. 3 months ago and am just now starting to feel the bruising pain, a red spot with greenish mark in the middle appeared in the middle of my breasts, Is this considered normal?

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Sever Pain That Feels Like a Bruise, 3 Months After Breast Aug, Now I Have a Red Mark in Middle, is This an Infection?

Photo is nice of area in question but anatomic area hard to see. Best to return to your surgeon ASAP foe in person evaluation. 

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Is this an infection?

Based on your description and the photo, this is indeed worrisome for an infection.  You should contact your plastic surgeon for a more in-depth assessment and to rule out an infection.

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Alan M. Engler, MD, FACS
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Rule Out Infection

Unfortunately infections after breast augmentations may occur months after the procedure...but this could also be an isolated bleed/ bruise.  It could also be completely unrelated to your breast augmentation!  You should see your PS ASAP and confirm his/her findings with a simple blood test to check your white blood count and sonogram to check for fluid buildup around the implant.  You may also need to see other medical specialists depending on what they find.  Good luck!

Eric Sadeh, MD
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Breast Augmentation

Infections usually show up sooner than 3 months after surgery.   Based on the information you have given, you should contact your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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Breast augmentation

An infection usually shows up much sooner than 3 months, but this photo and your symptoms are concerning, and you need to call your surgeon as soon as possible.

Gregory Sexton, MD
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Possible postop infection

It truly is difficult to diagnose an infection from this photo. A physical exam with your surgeon will help determine whether or not any further steps such as antibiotics or imaging is warranted. Please make an appointment with your surgeon ASAP.

Jennifer Lauren Crawford, MD
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Please see your surgeon

You have all of the signs of infection and should see your surgeon for full evaluations. The delayed presentation can be due to mycobacterial infections. You surgeon may get ultrasound to check for fluid collection.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Red mark post breast aug

I would get in to see your plastic surgeon promptly. There are many things it can be, but your surgeon is the best one to see and get an examination, not over the phone.

Rick Rosen, MD
Norwalk Plastic Surgeon
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Infection of breast implant?

I think that it is best to be seen by your surgeon to be properly evaluated. This may represent an infection.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Severe Pain 3 Months after Breast Augmentation

   From the picture and the pain, I would definitely get to your plastic surgeon's office for an exam.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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