Is it best to wait until all hair has regrown before a 2nd treatment of Laser Hair Removal? Or can I go earlier?

I bought 5 sessions (everything from waste down) and I need to do it every 5 weeks, cause I am moving out of country.Now, 4 weeks after, I would like to book my 2nd app. for next week. The hair is coming back¨in patches¨some areas have hair already, some are still hairless. It's better to do my next session even if not every single hair is back, so I can give use to my 5 sessions, or it has no sense and no effect on the final result and I should wait until every single hair will be growing back?

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Laser Hair Reomoval

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Laser hair removal treatments should be every 4 -6 weeks for at least 6 treatments. Being that hair growth has three different stages it will not benefit you if you wait for all the hair to regrow.

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Laser Hair Removal at set intervals

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Laser hair removal is best scheduled during the active growth cycle of the hairs.  Different hairs on the body grow at different rates.  For example, the hair on the face grow faster than the hair on the legs.  I would continue with the protocol that they recommended for the best results.

Laser Hair Removal

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Most treatments of laser hair removal are spaced 4-6 weeks apart to catch hairs in the active growth phase. Best to stick with the recommended schedule in most cases.

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

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