Does It Serve Any Purpose to Use Foam Now 7 Weeks After BBL for Skin Re-attachment?

I'm 7 weeks post BBL. I've had trouble with garments& have wore them on and off. Im still swollen & my skin is "looking" uneven, wrinkly and lumpy. My doc never had me use the foam pads inside garment & said "that's for people with lose skin, which is not your case". I read they're good to reduce swelling, bruising (which i have none) & to help the skin re-attach nicely.Is there a point to use them now?Will it hurt or help any? What brand do you recommend? I want your opinion. Thanks in advance.

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There is little to gain from foam compression 2 months after Brazilian Butt Lift

Every Plastic surgeon bases his postoperative instructions and management on his experience. Not all surgeons use foam compression after liposuction with or without fat transfer  and the fact that your surgeon did not use it does not automatically mean he did something wrong. At 7 weeks after surgery, the skin should have pretty much stuck back down and I seriously doubt using any compression, including foam compression could significantly improve matters. After consulting with your surgeon you at want to try lymphatic massage to reduce swelling. 

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Does It Serve Any Purpose to Use Foam Now 7 Weeks After BBL for Skin Re-attachment?

At this point you should be massaging your skin daily. Please follow up with your doctor as these issues require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

Ron Hazani, MD, FACS
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