Serratia Marcescens After Rhinoplasty. What Are Chances with a Silicone Implant?

20 days after a rhinoplasty with silicone implants, I'm infected with a bacteria called serratia marcescens. Have been on ciprofloxacin antibiotics for 5 days now. Significant reduction in swelling plus drainage from incision site of the rhinoplasty. What are my chances of saving the implant with this bug? Will this seed for future infections? My doctor is thinking about keeping me on the antibiotics for 30 days. If saving the implant is not possible, when should it be removed?

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Infection After Nasal Implant #nosejob

Once an implant is infected like that it should be removed. Trying to salvage it can often lead to a worse outcome with repetitive infection. It is a general principal we all follow that infected implants should be taken out. That does not mean you can not have another one placed but the infected one has to go. You will likely need a time period free of the implant to allow things to heal and infection to recover.

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Nasal implant and infection

If you have a serratia infection with a nasal implant, then you most likely need the implant removed.  Good luck.

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Infection with rhinoplasty and silicone implant

It may be possible to salvage the implant, although not probable.  Prolonged antibiotics are adviseable but have their own set of issues.  Ultimately, if you have to have the implant(s) removed you may have better luck withyour own tissue such as cartilage or bone.


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Silicone Implant Infected

Remove the implant as soon as possible. You will not be able to save the implant. The implant is the source of the infection. Once it's removed and healed up, you can replace it. Make sure you go to someone who knows how to work with silicone implants.

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Infection after rhinoplasty

It's encouraging that the swelling and drainage has decreased with antibiotics.  Chances are good that with appropriate antibiotic treatment you may not need to remove the implant.  If the infection fails to resolve, or progresses, the implant should be removed immediately.  Having a silicone implant carries with it a lifetime increased risk of infection and extrusion.  It won't necessarily "seed" with Serratia, but you will be more susceptible to infections from a number of bacteria.  As long as the implant is in place be vigilant about any changes to your nose - redness, tenderness, drainage, malodor, et cetera.

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