Seromas to Upper Buttocks After Lower Body Lift Persist After 3-1/2 Months

I had a lower body lift on 9/16. Drains in 6 wks that were putting out 90cc when they were pulled. I now have seromas in the upper part of my buttocks bilaterally. Isn't this an unusual place to have them? Aspirated them 3 times over 2 wks; in compression garments 24/7, but they keep refilling. Plan is to reinsert drains and if that fails he will inject a sclerosing agent into them. The fluid seems to swoosh around to my front when pressed--might there be more pockets we are missing? Any ideas?

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Seroma reaccumulation after several aspirations will need reinsertion of the drain, sclerosing agents may work, but do not rule out surgery either to remove the inflamatory capsule and suture the dead space to prevent reaccumulation of seromas

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Seromas can happen and treatment is exactly as you mentioned.  The doctor will aspirate them and may need to use sclerosing agents or perform more surgery to remove the inflammatory capsule that may have developed.  Good luck

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