What if You Have Seromas from Ultrasonic Lipo, and You Have Stiches?

I'm now 3 months post op. I had ultrasonic lipo of the abodomen, flanks, arms and chin. I had stitches and I believe there is still seromas, when does this clear up and where does the fliud go? I also noticed that when i wrap tight i still get some swelling on the vagina area!!! when should this be completely healed?

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Seromas can form after any liposuction

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there is some data out there that suggests that it may form more commonly after ultrasonic liposuction.  if you feel that you have a seroma, do see your surgeon.  aspiration may be helpful.  as far as swelling, especially in the mons area, this may take a few more months to fully resolve.  don't worry.  the swelling there is quite normal.

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Seromas after ultrasonic liposuction

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If you have a seroma at three months after having ultrasonic liposuction, you should see your doctor. Sometimes aspiration helps, but others may need more formal drainage.  Good luck

Steven Wallach, MD
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