Seroma After Tummy Tuck. Doctor Says to wait?

I have an untreated seroma of about 25cc. Doctor wanted to wait to determine if the seroma would heal on its own since I endured pulmonary embolus following surgery and have been placed on coumadin. However, i am concerned that the area around it is hardening and it has been 10 weeks since the surgery. Please provide advise on what I should ask or consider to treat this condition.

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Seroma after abdominoplasty

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That sounds like a small seroma and although certainly draining it would be reasonable if you were not anticoagulated, since you ARE anticoagulated I am not sure the risk is worth it.  You may end up with a seroma cavity that needs to be excised later on, but you have a more important medical issue to get through before then.  In other words, sight unseen, I agree with your surgeon. If you disagree with your surgeon, it would be best to seek a second opinion in person with another board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck to you.

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